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Last Modified: April 7, 2016
by Stan Dyck


Welcome to the Puget Sound Engineering Council (PSEC) web site. We hope this web site will be useful for member societies or others trying to get information about engineering activities in the Puget Sound area.


PSEC is an organization comprised of the local chapters of national or international engineering and scientific societies in the Puget Sound area. PSEC exists to increase public awareness and appreciation of engineering, science and technology.

The overall goals of PSEC are to:

  • Inform the public on technical matters
  • Advance the interests of the member societies it represents as well as those of the larger engineering and scientific community
  • Reflect the technical concerns of these societies and of this community

To help foster the mission and goals of PSEC, the organization sponsors several annual events including:

Please feel free to contact me directly, if you have any questions regarding PSEC. We also encourage you to download our PSEC Overview presentation for more information on PSEC.

Sam Gheesling – PSEC President (2015-2016)

e-mail: president {at} pseconline [dot] org

Latest Posts

  • Webmaster Report, May 2016

    Items of Note There is a new Wordpress update that will need to be installed. I plan on doing this sometime in May.   Website Subcommittee Anyone is welcome to participate. Just go here and start reading. You’ll want to register your email address so you can write replies and get periodic updates. Here’s some topics from this month: We should probably get an ISOW page up on the site The Career Day Speaker Program Adjustments to the Meeting Agenda and Minutes page
  • May 2, 2016 Meeting Agenda

    Meeting Announcement   Date: Monday May 02, 2016 Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM Location: Razzis Pizzeria 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103 (map) Free parking is available behind the restaurant and on neighborhood side streets. Next Meeting: Monday June 6, 2016 Meeting Agenda Introductions & Updates on Member Societies’ Events: All Approval of Agenda: All Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: All Treasurer’s Report: Chris Roberdeau (AIAA) Website Updates: Stan Dyck (IEEE) ISOW: Dave Butcher (IEEE) Nominations Committee: Luis Leon (ASMI) Mentor Nights: Jason Salazar (ASME) Future Mentor Nights: Jason Salazar (ASME) Highline College: Luis Leon (ASMI) Bellevue Mentor Day (May 3) – Jason Salazar (ASME) Shoreline Mentor Night (May 11) – Steve Snelling (IIE) Events Calendar for 2015-2016: ...
  • Engineering Volunteers needed Tue, May 3 for Bellevue College Mentor Lunch

    2016 Bellevue College Engineer Mentor Lunch (Next week – Tuesday, May 3rd) Engineering volunteers are requested to support this Mentor event co-organized by the Puget Sound Engineering Council (PSEC) and the Science and Math Institute (SAMI) with Bellevue College (BC). We invite local engineering professionals to have lunch with students interested in engineering and to share their experiences. Please indicate if you can volunteer from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm or if only for a portion during that time frame when you register. We welcome those who can only come for an hour, whenever you may be available, as students will be rotating in to talk ...
  • April 4, 2016 Meeting Minutes

    Meeting Minutes Date:  Monday Apr 04 Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM Location: Razzis Pizzeria 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103 Attendance Stan Dyck IEEE Chris Roberdeau AIAA Paul Grant ASCE Art & Jude Moss ASQ John Schaufelberger WSPE Luis Leon ASMI Steve Snelling IIE Sam Gheesling ASME George Bondor SAE Dave Butcher IEEE Meeting Agenda Introductions & Updates on Member Societies’ Events: All See attendance above Approval of Agenda: All Agenda approved (motion by John, seconded by Chris) Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: All Minutes approved (motion y John, seconded by Steve) Treasurer’s Report: Chris Roberdeau (AIAA) One correction was noted on the cost of the awards plaques Chris noted that some checks for the banquet turned up missing so stop payments were placed Banquet expenses were lower this year compared to last year. ...

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