Council Meetings

Last Modified: April 28, 2016
by Dave

PSEC meetings are held monthly on the first Monday of the month from September through June. The September meeting is normally the second Monday since Labor Day also falls on the first Monday. You can always check the PSEC calendar to see the time and location of the next meeting.

Attendees are the Council executive committee and one or two PSEC Representatives from each member society. Member societies are responsible for designating a representative to attend as a voting member.

Agendas for the meeting are posted here roughly a week before the meeting. Make suggestions and corrections in the comments field of the agenda document.

  • Agenda for Monday November 4, 2019

    1. Call to Order
    2. Approval of Agenda
    3. Approval of Minutes
    4. Around the Room
    5. Treasurer Report
    6. Calendar
    7. Website Updates
    8. Engineering Fair Report
    9. Banquet Updates
    10. Mentor Nights
    11. InterSociety Officers Workshop
    12. New Topics
      1. Updated Roster
    13. Action Item Review
    14. Adjourn
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Previous Meeting Minutes

Minutes are posted usually within a week after the meeting date.

  • November 4th Meeting Minutes December 2, 2019
    November 4th, 2019 Meeting Minutes Published: December 2nd, 2019 by Luis PSEC 4 Nov 2019 Razzi’s, Greenwich District, North Seattle In attendance: Luis Leon                                ASM Paul Grant                               ASCE John Schaufelberger              WSPE-Seattle Sam Gheesling                       ASME Charles Beard                         AIAA Dave Butcher                          IEEE Virginia Long                         IISE Call to order:  by Dave at 6:03pm Approval of Agenda November meeting agenda approved Approval of Minutes October meeting minutes approved Around the Room Each attendee reported on the status of their respective Society upcoming monthly meeting Treasurers Report Dave noted that dues were announced approximately October ...
  • October 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes November 2, 2019
    PSEC 7 Oct 2019 Razzi’s In attendance: Kathi Shoemake                     ASHRAE Luis Leon                                ASM Andrew Gall                            SME Paul Grant                               ASCE George Bondor                       SAE John Schaufelberger              WSPE-Seattle Sam Gheesling                       ASME Charles Beard                         AIAA Dave Butcher                          IEEE Call to order:  by Kathi at 6:01 Approval of Agenda John Schaufelberger added a discussion of the various lists PSEC publishes Approval of Minutes September meeting minutes approved Around the Room Each attendee reported on the status of their respective Society upcoming ...
  • September 9, 2019 Meeting Minutes September 19, 2019
    Puget Sound Engineering Council Meeting Minutes Razzi’s Attendees: Charles Beard               AIAA George Bondor             SAE Dave Butcher                IEEE Andrew Gall                  SME Sam Gheesling              ASME Luis Leon                      ASMI John Schaufelberger      WSPE-SE Kathi Shoemake            ASHRAE Call to Order Kathi called meeting to order 6:06 pm Approval of Agenda Agenda approved unanimously Approval of Minutes Minutes from last meeting were not available Around the Room Attendees stated their name, society represented and any upcoming societal activities Treasurer Report Dave Bucher presented our financial stats and ...
  • March 4th, 2019 Meeting Minutes April 1, 2019
    Call to Order Approval of Agenda Two items added, agenda is approved Approval of Minutes Due to snow, last meeting was held virtually and no minutes were recorded Around the Room Covered upcoming events How do we all handle email distribution? Mailchimp is a good tool to utilize Treasurer Report Fair was cancelled – refunds Missing money from Eventbrite, this is being looked in to Do we ...
  • December 3rd, 2018 Meeting Minutes February 18, 2019
    Call to Order Meeting led by Kathy Approval of Agendas Kathy Motions to approve Agenda approved Approval of Minutes Meetings not available to approve yet Around the Room Beth Mendy – planning the engineering fair, here to give updates, represents EWB, chapter meeting on 3rd Tuesday Marina Dannecker – SWE holiday party and board meeting coming Charles – Next meeting will be the 3rd Monday ...
  • November 5th, 2018 Meeting Minutes February 18, 2019
    November 5, 2018 PSEC Meeting Call to Order Meeting called to order at 6:08pm Approval of Agenda Motion to approve agenda, seconded, approved Approval of Minutes Marina just got access to the wordpress account and will post meeting minutes from this meeting and last. Around the Room Went around the room, received updates from different organizations in attendance. Many of which are viewable ...
  • October 1st Meeting Minutes February 18, 2019
    PSEC Meeting 10/01/2018 Agenda approved, minutes approved Around the room Some organizations are required to go through their HQ before communicating with their members to laws from Europe) Multiple clubs now have their events on the PSEC Calendar Treasurer Report Request to update roster Request for dues will be coming soon Nonprofit status is reinstated – this means PSEC is eligible for Boeing ...
  • January 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes January 29, 2019
    The January meeting was held on January 7th at Razzis. Click for the minutes from that meeting.
  • September 10th, 2018 PSEC Board Meeting Minutes September 26, 2018
    Present: John Schaufelberger, Charles Beard, Stan Dyck, Dave Butcher, Kathi Shoemake, Sam Gheesling, Paul Grant Pre-meeting discussion: Sam received estimates only from Ray’s Boathouse. Their winter arrangement may only accommodate 70 people. Compared to Museum of Flight, Ray’s comes to $84 per plate (no flower arrangement included). Currently we are at $75.63 per plate at MoF (without ...
  • June 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes September 6, 2018
    PSEC Board Meeting Minutes June 4, 2018 Present: Stan Dyck, Dave Butcher, John Schaufelberger, Charles Beard, George Bondor, Jason Salazar, Kathi Shoemake, Tan, Sam Gheesling Call to Order 6:04 PM Approval of Agenda Motioned and Approved Approval of Minutes Motioned and Approved Around the Room Stan – IEEE – events calendar synced Excom meeting June 12th Kathi – ASHRAE – YEA June Reception at Redhook Brewlab June ...

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