Inter-Society Officer’s Workshop (ISOW)

Last Modified: April 12, 2016
by Stan Dyck

The PSEC Inter-society officer’s workshop (ISOW) brings together volunteer leaders from all PSEC member societies. The objective of the workshop is to share best practices for running our volunteer lead professional societies. Each year three topics are chosen for discussion during the workshop. The topics change each year to encourage continued participation and the timeliness of the topic. Roundtable sessions of 30-40 minutes allow participants to discuss and share experiences focused on a topic.

  • Inter-Society Officers Workshop this weekend

    The annual Inter-Society Officers Workshop will be held this weekend, May 6th, 2017 from 10:30am to 2:00pm at the University of Washington Facility in Magnuson Park (7543 63rd Ave NE, Building #5)
    Refreshments will be provided

    All Officers (current & incoming) from all PSEC engineering Societies are invited to come and exchange ideas with Officers from each of the other local engineering Societies. This is a free, annual event for all PSEC member Societies.

    All PSEC reps. should attend & try to also bring 2-3 other Officers from your local engineering Society.

    Three 30-40 minute discussion sessions will follow a brief overview of PSEC & the planned program year. There will be a short break for snacks & beverages (being provided), between sessions.

    • Programs – Types of meetings (technical, social as well as virtual and recorded), formats for events, meeting locations, tours and schedules
    • Social Media – Using social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others for improving communication and adding value to members.
    • Finding Volunteer Leaders – Finding ways to engage members to volunteer to lead projects, events and become board members while avoiding burn out.

    Typed summaries of the discussions will be prepared later and sent out.

    Please RSVP if you can attend (or contact with any questions)
    Dave Butcher: Mobile: (206) 455-0850
    Kathi Shoemake

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