Government Engineer of The Year

Last Modified: January 18, 2017
by Stan Dyck

Current Recipient

  • Government Engineer of the Year, 2017

    Alan Murray, P.E., Snohomish County

    Alan Murray, P.E.
    Snohomish County

    2017 Award Recipient

    Nominated by the American Society of Civil Engineers

    Alan Murray, P.E., Snohomish County Department of Planning and Development, has been selected as the recipient of the 2017 Government Engineer of the Year Award in recognition of his many contributions to improving the region’s wastewater infrastructure while serving as facility planner and a project administrator for Metro and for his service in the Department of Planning and Development for Snohomish County.

    During his work with Metro, he played significant roles in the secondary treatment plant expansions at Renton and West Point, the separation of stormwater from combined sewers to reduce inflow to the West Point wastewater treatment plant, new and upgraded pumping stations, construction of the downtown Seattle bus tunnel, and construction of numerous park-and-ride projects.  He led the team charged with revamping Metro’s consultant procurement process to emphasize qualifications and the participation of minority and women business enterprises.

    At Snohomish County, he ensures that project plans meet codes and standards and spends time mentoring consultants regarding improvements to their work products.  He has served on ad-hoc committees charged with reviewing engineering codes and design standards for various county agencies. He has been active in the Seattle Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) since 1973, serving as committee chair, director, and president.  He served on the planning committee for the Section Anniversary Galas in 1988 (75th) and 2013 (100th).  He also served as the liaison between the Section and the University of Washington Student Chapter.  He participated in the committee organized to revise ASCE’s Professional Practice Manual Quality in the Constructed Project.

Award Criteria

  • Has contributed significantly in the application of engineering principles in Local, State, or Federal  Government projects.
  • Has led in improving the application of technology for public benefit.
  • Has actively participated in improving the effectiveness of the engineering profession.

Past Recipients

  • 2016 – Richard Q. Gilmore, PE Silver Lake Water and Sewer District
  • 2015 – Cindy Hirsch, PE – Federal Aviation Administration
  • 2014 – Richard A. Sage, P.E., CCM, – Sound Transit
  • 2013 – David L. Dye, P.E. – HNTB Corporation
  • 2012 – James W. Miller, P.E. – City of Everett
  • 2011 – Michael Mucha, P.E. – City of Olympia
  • 2010 – Jerremy J. Barbera, P.E. – Port of Seattle
  • 2009 – Ronald H. Borowski – City of Seattle
  • 2008 – Linda E. De Bolt, P.E. – Seattle Public Utilities
  • 2006 – Jonathan Sui, PE –
  • 2005 – Randolph R. Sleight, P.E., P.L.S.
  • 2004 – John Hogan PE – City of Seattle
  • 2003 – Lloyd Warren PE – City of Bellevue
  • 2002 – Col. Ralph H. Graves Ph.D PE – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • 2001 – Cap A. Pearson PE – City of Tacoma
  • 2000 – Thomas A. Kinsman PE – City of Seattle
  • 1999 – Capt. David J. Visneski PE – U. S. Coast Guard
  • 1996 – David A. Malsch PE – Washington State DOT
  • 1995 – Simon Yang PE-Army Corps of Engineers
  • 1994 – Louis J. Hoff PE-King County Roads & Engineers
  • 1993 – Larry E. Shannon PE-Army Corps of Engineers
  • 1992 – Stanley C. Stumbo PE-Washington State Ferries
  • 1991 – Vladimir Khazak-Metro
  • 1990 – Robert E. Bockstruck PE – Washington State DOT

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